Get rid of ingrown hairs fast and permanently
Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion
Bump Zapper Severe Bumps Kit
Ultimate Shaving Bumps Elimination and Prevention Kit
The very popular and best-selling
Bump Terminator
Severe Bumps Lotion
now comes in a
118ml size bottle
as well as the
regular 200ml bottle
due to popular demand. 
Anti Bumps exfoliating Face Wash
Why do you get bumps when you shave
Ant-Bumps Soothing Aftershave Lotion
Skin Repair and Brightening Cream

The most advanced

ingrown hairs


shaving bumps

treatment and prevention solutions in the world

happy clean shaved guy uses Bump Terminator Aftershave
Bump Terminators contain only natural ingredients
Bump Terminators are formulated from natural ingredients
Bump Terminator
- inspired by research, proven in action -
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"The Bump Terminator Lotion
is very effective
Simon, London SW17

"Infact, I saw the result in less
than 24 hours!  God bless you." 
Stephen, London SE15                                     
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Bump Terminator
Severe Bumps Lotion
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Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion 118ml
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(10.79 each)
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Treating severe shaving bumps on the face and on the back of the head.
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It is estimated that 1 in 5 caucasians and 4 in 5 black people - men and women - suffer from shaving
bumps and ingrown hairs. So the market is, quite simply, very vast.

With well-proven effective and reasonably priced products such as the very popular Bump
Terminator severe Bumps Lotion, the Bump Zapper Severe Bumps Kit and other shaving bumps
elimination and prevention remedies here is a great opportunity to make good money

A look at the unsolicited testimonials would show you how effective these products are, and how
received they are now in the United States. They are beginning to be just as popular in the UK and
Europe as men and women are becoming aware of, and using, them.  That is why we want to have
them in High Street outlets so that prospective customers can get them quickly and easily.  So far the
only way they can get the products is by ordering them online.

These are some of the outlets we believe would have customers interested in our products which
are fundamently aimed at the elimination and prevention of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs on the
face, head, arms and legs, no matter how severe or how long one has had them:

* retailers of skin care and cosmetic products for black people.
* beauty salons
* ladies and gentlemen's hairdressers
* barber shops
* chemists' and pharmacies
* sports and fitness clubs

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