Get rid of  ingrown hairs really fast.
The very popular and best-selling
Bump Terminator
Severe Bumps Lotion
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regular 200ml bottle
due to popular demand. 

The most advanced

ingrown hairs


shaving bumps

treatment and prevention solutions in the world

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Bump Terminators contain only natural ingredients
Bump Terminators are formulated from natural ingredients
Bump Terminator
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"The Bump Terminator Lotion
is very effective
Simon, London SW17

"Infact, I saw the result in less
than 24 hours!  God bless you." 
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Bump Terminator
Severe Bumps Lotion
118ml          10.99
Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion 118ml
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Treating severe shaving bumps on the face and on the back of the head.
Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion 200ml.
Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion 118ml.
Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion
BR10     19.99
BR101      10.99
1 bottle only. 10.99
calms inflammation and irritation that come with shaving sensitive skin
stops infection that manifest as shaving rash, barbers rash or bumps
dries out existing bumps thus freeing entrapped ingrown hairs
heals and restores the skin
an effective shaving bumps remedy suitable for men and women
This is a non-greasy, non-sticky, quick-drying, fast-acting lotion that has proved very
effective as a  shaving rash, bumps and ingrown hairs remedy for the face and  the
back of the head
. This is all you need  to get rid of those nasty and painful shaving
bumps and rashes that have been bothering you for so long.  It does not matter how
long you have had them or how severe they are. Just apply the lotion as directed,
and you should see some positive results within days.
The lotion disinfects the skin, and dries out the shaving bumps thereby freeing
trapped ingrown hairs so that trying to free them with infection-spreading tweezers
becomes unnecessary.

If applied soon after shaving you wont even see any rashes.  This is because the
traumatised shaved skin would be calmed, soothed and disinfected to stop the
infection that would normally cause the shaving rashes.  Infact the rashes don't
stand a chance!

All the ingredients are natural, and have been selected for their inflammation/irritation 
calming, disinfecting, skin healing and protecting properties.

They include:
Boswella Carteri
Laurus Nobilis
Myocarpus Fastigiatus
Petitgrain Borgard
Pogostemon Cablin
Ravensara Anisata
Syzgium Aromatica
Vetiveria Zizaniodes
Oat (Aveno Sativa) Kerner Extract
Cinnamon Zeylanicum Bark Extract
Hydrastis Canadensis
3-bottle pack. 32.37
6-bottle pack. 64.75
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